About us

At Afineur, we believe that answers to our most pressing issues around food sustainability, security and quality can be found in nature. We are inspired every single day by the amazing microbial biodiversity we are working with and driven by the desire to harness their biology to craft incredible foods. 

We are a venture backed, idea driven company based in Brooklyn, USA. 

Stay tuned. We are planning a food revolution.

Meet the team

Camille Delebecque, PhD - CEO and Co-founder

Camille has a PhD in Synthetic Biology he completed between Harvard and Paris Universities. He graduated with the highest distinction and his research was published in Science. He is a bioengineer by training and a serial entrepreneur. With his first company, Synbio Consulting, he has been fostering innovation transfer between academia and the industry. Camille received many international distinctions and is a biotechnology advisor for the European Commission.

Sophie Deterre, PhD - CTO and Co-founder

Sophie is a food and flavor science expert. During her PhD at the leading AgroParisTech institute, she transformed Grand Marnier's hundreds of years of craft into predictable and reproducible science which facilitated the opening of a new multi-million dollar distillery. Sophie is a food process engineer by training and has many years of industry experience, including with USDA, Mars, and the Parmesan cheese alliance. Sophie has widely published in many prestigious peer-reviewed journals.



James Hoffmann

World barista champion, leading coffee innovator and influencer. Renowned coffee expert, consultant and entrepreneur. 

Daniel Felder

Entrepreneur and former head of culinary R&D at Momofuku. World-class chef with experience in multiple Michelin-starred restaurants.

Ben Wolfe

Assistant Professor at Tufts University. Leading food fermentation expert. Founder of MicrobialFood.org