Launching Afineur on Kickstarter

Afineur was launched on Kickstarter in 2015. We were lucky to work, interact and connect with amazing people in what became one of the most successful food campaign on the platform.

Using Kickstarter was evident to us. It's our commitment to build an open company, and to discuss, share and educate about the great things microbes can do. It has also enabled us to build a fantastic community sharing the same vision: crafting exceptional healthier, tastier and more sustainable food products using science.   


Your @Afineur #CulturedCoffee on Social Media

Putting my new gift to good use! Brewed a cup of @afineur to practice my taste buds and words. #coffee

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Cultured Coffee in the News

“Slurping spoonfuls of coffee, the difference was obvious. The fermented beans were indeed less bitter and less astringent.

“But how to get that civet-esque taste without harming any civets, now that demand is too high to just traipse around looking for naturally digested beans? Simple: Just try to digest the coffee in a lab.”

“Winners of the French-American Entrepreneurship Award […] Afineur aims to create healthy and sustainable food products via fermentation technology. […] While fermentation is popularly used to produce wine, beer and cheese [...], Afineur’s first product is Cultured Coffee, which is more fruity, aromatic and less bitter than traditional brews.” 


“They use no genetically engineered microorganisms in fermentation, just the same familiar microbial processes used in making cheese, beer and other very familiar fermented foods.

Targets are bitterness and astringency [...] minimize these so that the more fragrant characteristics of specific coffees can shine through [...] and [...] produce coffee that does not upset the stomach."


“Afineur could use its platform to create flavors that are truly unique and not found anywhere else on Earth.” 


We tested Afineur’s coffee for you, prepared through the filter: a really good coffee, light, less bitter and aromatic. The flavor revealed is in between coffee and tea. It is a new process that will revolutionize the coffee industry

"Afineur’s smooth, fruity roast has a relatively low acid content, making it potentially easier on the stomach. Producing the beans this way, instead of through civet farming, also means there’s no caging or force-feeding involved."